Relocation - Packing and Sending

Relocation does not have to be daunting, in fact, it can be smoothly easy. And some may want the help of professional movers, while others choose to handle all the packing themselves.

If you choose to pack by yourself, chances are you probably also do not need a professional mover to move your stuff. Or maybe not all your stuff, some you may want to send separately, etc. Here is where we can help you with.

Packing Services

We offer a comprehensive packing service. If you have a big size item, or odd size item, or even fragile item, we can assist you to pack them accordingly. And if your item needs to be on a flight, we will make them flight-ready with all the bubble wraps and fragile stickers, etc.

Sending Services

After you have packed your things, now it's time to send them. Whether you want to send tens of boxes, or just 1 single box, large or tiny boxes, we are ready to assist you.

And if you are sending them to an international destination, we will help you sort out all the tedious and complicated customs-related paperwork.

Here are some of the clients we have helped: