Mailbox Rental & Services

It’s like having a personal assistant in charge of your mailbox. No more waiting hours for courier pick-ups or to receive an important letter or package. No more worrying about theft or the rain flooding your mailbox.

With MBE’s professionally managed mailboxes, you get easy access to your mail, and a budget-friendly alternative to renting an office that lets you perform other tasks all in one convenient location.

Plus, you get a prestigious business address while your real address stays private.

If you live outstation or travel for extended periods, you’ll also appreciate the ability to forward your mail to anywhere in the world, anytime.

  • Fully serviced P.O. Box with a real street address
  • Package notification - we’ll let you know when your packages arrive via email
  • Call-in MailCheck™
  • Mail forwarding
  • Package acceptance from all courier services
  • Different mailbox sizes and capacities to suit your needs

Our desire to assist our clients as much as we can in their operations can be seen in the operations of our mailboxes. These mailboxes are similar to P.O. Boxes which are used to receive mails. At MBE George Town, we provide value-added services that differentiate us from P.O. Boxes and Mailing Services in the market. Here are some of the services that come with a mailbox rental.

Street Address

A proper street address is important to enhance the image of the customers' business. For example, a mailbox at MBE George Town will carry the following address:

Your Company Name

Suite ###, MBE George Town,
1F, Jalan Hutton, George Town,
10050 Penang, Malaysia.